For children from 4 to 12 years old!

Since between us and you, it is a family story, our team has created for your children … The “CHADOKIDS”!

A reserved and animated space, with a 100% free programme during the school holidays, from April onwards, open from 10am to 12pm in the morning and from 3pm to 5pm in the afternoon, until the end of August!

Your children will be supervised by dynamic and trained animators, who will offer them activities adapted to their age and varied!

The “chadokids” is divided into three age groups to respect the rhythm and needs of your children:

  • 4-6 years old: “Les P’tits Mousses
    7-12 years old: “Les Moussaillons
    12 and over : “Les Z’ados”.

Wonderful memories await them to spend a crazy summer in their new space, “CHADOKIDS”!

La bolée d'Air - Chadotel 2019

Only in campsites.