Your Peace of Mind Guaranteed at Chadotel

At Chadotel, we make the success of your holidays a personal matter. That’s why we are committed to offering you a hassle-free and worry-free holiday experience. To reinforce this promise, we have partnered with Campez-Couvert, an insurance specialised in stays in outdoor hotel accommodation. Discover how this insurance can offer you comprehensive protection in case of unforeseen events.

What is Campez-Couvert Insurance?

Campez-Couvert insurance is a complementary offer to your stay reservation at Chadotel. It aims to protect the booker before, during, and after the stay. Whether you are forced to cancel your stay, arrive late, encounter problems during your stay, or forget a personal item, this insurance is there to cover you.

Coverage Offered

Stay Cancellation:
If you are obliged to cancel your stay before departure for one of the reasons provided for in the contract, Campez-Couvert will refund the amounts retained by Chadotel according to its general terms and conditions of sale.

Late Arrival:
In case of late possession of more than 24 hours of your reservation due to one of the events listed in the cancellation guarantee, you will receive a pro-rata refund for the unused period.

Interruption Fees:
If you have to interrupt your stay for reasons covered by the insurance contract, Campez-Couvert will refund the unused land services, including any cleaning fees for the rental.

Replacement Vehicle:
In case your vehicle is immobilised due to a breakdown, material accident, or theft during your stay, Campez-Couvert will reimburse the rental costs of a replacement vehicle of equivalent category for a maximum period of 3 consecutive days.

Forgotten Personal Item:
Campez-Couvert also covers the shipping costs of the forgotten item from the location to your home.

Assistance and Veterinary Care:
In case of health problems related to an epidemic during your stay, as well as for medical care for your dog or cat, Campez-Couvert provides assistance and reimbursement of medical expenses.

How to Subscribe to Campez-Couvert Insurance?

To benefit from this insurance and cover yourself in case of unforeseen events that could jeopardise your trip, simply subscribe to the Campez-Couvert offer when booking on our website.

Declaration Deadline and How to Declare a Claim

In case of a guaranteed event, you must notify Gritchen Affinity of any claim within 10 working days. For a modern and quick management of your cancellation, interruption, late arrival, replacement vehicle, or forgotten items requests, you can log on to the website For traditional management, contact Gritchen Affinity by email at or by phone at +33 1 45 16 85 42.

For more information, you will find the full insurance contract in the attached notice. The comprehensive description of the coverage extent, coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions are included in this information notice, which is the only contractual value.

Go on holiday in peace !

In partnership with the insurance leader, Gritchen Affinity Group, we recommend that you purchase cancellation and interruption insurance for only 3% of the amount of your reservation (excluding surcharges).

This insurance is valid from the time of booking until the end of your stay.

Without cancellation insurance, Chadotel will not grant any refund in case of cancellation of the stay or in case of no-show.

How do you take out the insurance?

You can only take out cancellation insurance when booking your holiday. On our website, you just need to select the option to add it. By mail, all you have to do is tick the “Cancellation insurance” box on the booking contract. By telephone you must indicate this to your reservation agent.

What does the insurance guarantee?

  • Serious illness, serious accident or death, including relapse, aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness, as well as the consequences, sequelae of an accident that occurred prior to the signing of the contract
  • Death
  • Contraindication and follow-up vaccination
  • Dismissal or Contractual Termination
  • Summons to a court
  • Call for adoption of a child
  • Call for a resit examination
  • Call for an organ transplant
  • Serious fire damage, explosion, water damage or damage caused by natural forces
  • Theft in your professional or private building
  • Serious damage to your car within 48 working hours preceding  the 1st day of stay
  • Obstruction from getting to the place of stay
  • Obtaining employment for a period of more than 6 months starting before or during the scheduled dates of stay
  • Your Divorce or Termination of Marital Relationship
  • Theft of your identity card, driver’s license or passport within 5 working days before departure
  • Cancellation or change of the dates of your paid leave or those of your partner imposed by your employer
  • Professional transfer requiring a move
  • Visa refusal by the country’s authorities
  • Natural disasters (within the meaning of Law No. 86-600 of July 13, 1986, as amended)
  • Illness requiring psychological or psychotherapeutic treatments, including nervous breakdowns
  • Cancellation of one of the persons accompanying you

Please note that, depending on the reason for your cancellation, you will be required to pay a 25% excess

Examples of coverage:

  • I am quarantined for COVID 19(test positive)
  • I want to cancel my trip because I have COVID 19 (hospitalization)
  • I want to cancel because a member of my family has (by definition) COVID 19 (hospitalization)
  • I would like to cancel my trip because I have been in contact with someone who is infected and have an obligation to isolate myself and take the COVID 19 test
  • I want to cancel my trip because I am sick and have been in contact with someone who is infected while waiting for my PCR test results
  • I want to cancel my trip because I am ill, my doctor confirms that I am not fit to travel and suspects that I have COVID (test is positive)
  • I want to cancel my trip because I have the COVID (positive test)
  • I want to cancel because a loved one is seriously ill from COVID(hospitalization / death)
  • I would like to cancel because I have been claimed by the authorities in the fight against COVID 19
  • Due to illness or contact, I will arrive  2 days (or more) late  at the place of stay
  • Refusal to board after raising of temperature

Examples that are not covered:

  • The borders are closed
  • State of health emergency
  • Quarantine and lockdown
  • Case of illness in the event of stay in a country formally advised against by his government

What to do in case of cancellation or delay of the stay?

In case of cancellation:

I will immediately notify the campsite of my cancellation of an event  that prevents my departure by email to

In case of interruption:

I pay for my entire stay at the campsite

I notify my early departure to the campsite

I submit my claim within 5 working days:

by Internet

by mail: Gritchen Affinity – service sinistres – 27 rue Charles Durand  – CS 70139 – 18021 BOURGES CEDEX FRANCE