Welcome to Chadotel campsites, where summer promises to be even more sparkling with the presence of well-known personalities in our campsites in the Vendée and Loire Atlantique.

Discover new guests who promise to make your stay an unforgettable experience!

The dazzling new faces

Philippe Candeloro – The magic of the Olympic Games
Join us for an exceptional day dedicated to the Olympic Games with the legend Philippe Candeloro. CAMPUS activity leaders are preparing a day full of activities inspired by the Olympic Games. A unique opportunity to meet this champion and experience the Olympic spirit.

Moussier Tombola – Logobitombo atmosphere
You probably know him from his hit song “Logobitombo”, which is played at our campsites every year. Moussier Tombola brings his infectious energy to our campsites to dance the night away. Yes, you know him and you will love him even more in real life!

Clémence from Koh Lanta – Triumphant return
After last year’s success, we are delighted to welcome back Clémence from Koh Lanta. Join us for an exciting day on Koh Lanta, followed by her performance in the evening. A unique experience in the company of this charismatic adventurer star.

Passe-Muraille – Magic in the Spotlight
Although not an official guest, Passe-Muraille is part of a magic show that promises to surprise and amuse. A familiar face that adds a touch of magic