What is early booking ? 

It’s a promotional offer that allows you to take advantage of the best prices by having only one thing to do, book in advance ! As the name suggests, “early booking” means that your anticipation is rewarded with lower prices. This is your chance to get a great holiday at the cheapest price, and no, we won’t ban you from going to the entertainment, even if you’ve got a big discount

For you it’s only positive, you’re almost certain to have space, you’re sooner guaranteed to have your holiday organised, and you get low prices. This offer is available on all of our 13 campsites in the Vendée, Morbihan, Charente-Maritime, Pyrénées-Orientales and Pyrénées-Atlantique. 

I can already hear you asking questions about the Covid-19, don’t worry we’ve thought of everything! You can benefit from the Chadotel Guarantee for only 1€ extra which will apply in case of travel restrictions , lockdown, or red zone prohibiting any stay. To find out more about this, please go to the following link

Early booking 2022